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Gabriele, I'm not sure why you're calling <iframe> "non-standard"?  (

I don't think the CSS Test Suite effort *IS* ignoring real world coverage tests - nor scenario-based testing.  There are a lot of features tests in the suite; I believe they need to be there.  That doesn't replace scenario nor real-world tests; but it does seem logical to test the basics first.

Why would it be odd that IE6 passes 80% of the current CSS 2.1 test suite?  The suite is not complete.  As for the layout system in IE up through IE7 (of which hasLayout was a side effect), it was never intended to HAVE effects that would prevent it from passing any CSS test.

As for importing all of the tests from<> (or any other suite of tests out there), I think we all want the most comprehensive suite possible; all that is really needed is the author to enable an appropriate license on their tests, and someone to sign up to format them into the CSS 2.1 Test Suite (and the reviewers to review, and make sure they're not just overlap with tests that are already there, of course).


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I don't understand why we're insisting on supporting non-standard elements such as <iframe>.
I don't understand why we're insisting on ignoring real world coverage tests (see Ian Hickson 'Testing methodology')
Finally, it's odd that a browser such as IE6 passes about 80% of the current CSS 2.1 test suite.
None of the tests provided up to now has been able to detect the effects of the hasLayout property in IE6.
What about importing all the test of<> ?
I think that this could be useful not only for browser vendors, but also for web developers and authors.
(Assuming that we're viewing the matter from a democratic point of view)

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