Re: [page] Assumptions

Grant, Melinda wrote:
> I think we need to add a couple of assumptions to our test process docs:
> 1.  The default page size and orientation chosen by the UA will have an 
> aspect ratio < 1.
> 2.  Tests should be designed when possible to be page-size independent.  
> However, except for tests which test page sizes, it is assumed that the 
> test will be executed on letter or A4 size media.
> It's just too hard to design good tests that will work well for both 4x6 
> and B size, much less everything from 3.5x5in to E size...

Which test assertions cannot be tested with one test that works for both
3.5x5in and E size paper? If there's only a few, we can write that assumption
in the test itself.


Received on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 20:44:24 UTC