RE: Syntactic tests

Hi Cecil,

See to get started. can give you some ideas
about coverage.

I think the best way to ensure good coverage is to start with a list of
testable assertions for the area to be tested. Essentially, you create a
testable assertion for every statement in the spec that needs a
corresponding test or set of tests. Then you ensure there is at least
one test for every assertion.

We've started one for CSS3 Paged Media at  It still needs
a lot of work, but can perhaps serve as an example.

You can post any questions here, or you might catch someone on IRC in

Thanks for playing!

Best wishes,


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> I would like to contribute some more syntactic-issue tests to 
> the test suite. Where do I start?
> Any advice for the best way to be systematic and ensure good coverage?
> Cecil Ward.

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