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Thanks to all, I'll move this discussion to

Boris, I apologize if I misinterpreted your explanation, maybe the
issue I am trying to resolve is in the 100% handling, not in the
overflow?  Or maybe in the interaction of the two?   Or maybe the
omission of an explicit DOCTYPE is what is causing the issues? (I will
test the DOCTYPE before posting in www-style)   Please remember that I
am looking at the issue with the eyes of a "normal developer", not those
of a CSS spec expert.  It could very well be that the spec reads
differently to someone who learns the spec from books, tutorials and
references than it reads to someone who participated in its design.  I
say this because every developer (non-spec-experts) that I talked to
seems to interpret that the specific CSS we are trying to do (as
specified in the example) is supposed to work in the way that IE did.  I
am no fan of IE, and I usually avoid it like the plague because of
security issues, but we are now dependent on it because at least from a
layman's perspective it "appears" to follow the standard, "it works" and
we have found no other alternative to achieve the functionality.

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