Re: a few CSS 2.1 tests

On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, Tantek [ISO-8859-1] «elik wrote:
> 1. serve the files as text/html for ease of trying them out in more browsers
> (alternatively, conditionally serve as application/xhtml+xml only if http
> accept headers allow for it -- folks have documented this on the net.)
> I know, this violates what is allowed for XHTML 1.1, but it helps usability
> (a good tradeoff), and will only make a difference in browsers that don't
> handle XHTML anyway.

Well, the files will get converted to (amongst other things) HTML4 files
before publishing, so this won't be a problem. All modern browsers support
XHTML, so in the meantime while developing the tests it doesn't matter
that it's only available in that format.

> 2. possibly add more <link rel="help"> tags for some of the tests. e.g.
> your border shorthand test should also link to the sections on the
> 'border' and 'border-color' property in spec, because that's really what
> it's testing, in fact, I might put the link to the border-color property
> first since that's really what is being thoroughly tested.

I don't want accurate rel="help" links to become a burden on the test
writers... I wouldn't want to push this too strongly.

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