[Bug 22772] Ability to position an element relative to and overlapping a non-sibling and non-ancestor element (see comment 15)


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--- Comment #20 from Jim Michaels <jmichae3@yahoo.com> ---
having a problem with the test code. I shrunk the images and was surprised by
what they are doing, and then not so surprised when I looked at the
it seems to be not doing what I want.

I see where some of the problem is coming from - currently, absolute means from
top left corner of screen, and I think relative means relative to the current
what I am looking for is relative to some other element, regardless of the
layer because the layer makes no difference, unless layers change, the browser
is going to see px positioning the same regardless. that's probably a best
summary, which is my use case.

to do this, I need:
- always-on js position and size data for every element
- always-on css position and size data for every element
for the use case, I need:
- a css relative addressing system from one element to another with ability to
access attr() and therefore do calc().

[pasted from collision]

question about offsetTop, offsetParent, clientWidth: my understanding is that
those are not available in all browsers, correct?
again, need for consistency is what I am asking for. are these available for
each element? let me try it with a new fiddle.

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