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[Bug 17017] "unmatrix" code for 2D transforms incorrect

[Bug 20591] Better description of 'color-interpolation-filters'

[Bug 22577] Should subregions clip input, output or both results?

[Bug 22580] Define subregions for shorthand filters

[Bug 22581] Do shorthand filters apply on premultiplied colors?

[Bug 23968] New: Reference the URL spec

[Bug 23968] Reference the URL spec

[Bug 23997] New: "If document is in quirks mode, response is CORS..."

[Bug 23998] New: "Set if response is CORS-same-origin, or unset o..."

[Bug 24006] New: normativity issues in bidi integration text

[Bug 24006] normativity issues in bidi integration text

[Bug 24030] New: Progettazione Creazione Forniture Installazioni Riparazioni

[Bug 24095] New: MouseEvent and TouchEvent co-ordinate types should be kept in-sync

[Bug 24112] New: Window.matchMedia must have the [NewObject] attribute in WebIDL

[Bug 24115] Introduce CSS.isValidSelector()

[Bug 24115] New: Introduce CSS.isValidSelector()

[Bug 24151] New: Use document's encoding for url query encoding in xml-stylesheet

[Bug 24159] Is returning a noninteger Window.innerWidth/innerHeight/outerWidth/outerHeight web-compatible?

[Bug 24159] New: Is returning a noninteger Window.innerWidth/innerHeight web-compatible?

[Bug 24160] New: Should innerWidth/Height and company really be readonly?

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