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--- Comment #1 from Aharon Lanin <aharon.lists.lanin@gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Ian 'Hixie' Hickson from comment #0)
> > "If an inline element is broken around a bidi paragraph boundary (e.g. if
> > split by a block or forced paragraph break), then the bidi control codes
> > assigned to the end of the element are added before the interruption and the
> > codes assigned to the start of the element are added after it."
> That's non-normative (no MUST). Also it's vague — is "the bidi control codes
> assigned to the end" defined anywhere?

Yes, the control codes are defined under the various unicode-bidi values in
http://www.w3.org/TR/2013/WD-css-writing-modes-3-20131126/#unicode-bidi. But I
agree that some sort of reference is needed.

> Does it handle nested elements?

Yes. If you have <span id="a" dir="ltr"><span id="b"
dir="rtl"><br></span></span>, then both a and b are "broken around a bidi
paragraph boundary", so the end control codes of both spans are added before
the paragraph boundary, and the start codes of both are added after it. But it
should define the order in which this should be done, just in case the reader
does not feel like thinking for him or herself.

> How about bidi formatting codes that come from the block? (e.g. a block-level
> bdo)

If a block-level element includes a bidi paragraph break, then each of its
paragraphs has a paragraph direction as specified in the excerpt quoted above.
No control codes are emitted for the paragraph direction (and the spec for
embedded, isolate, and plaintext explicitly says that the control codes are
only emitted for inline elements), so nothing needs to be closed and re-opened
at a paragraph break inside a block-level element to get the paragraph
direction. For unicode-bidi:bidi-override, the spec says "If the element is a
block container, the override is applied to an anonymous inline element that
surrounds all of its content", and thus the control codes for an anonymous bdo
would be emitted at a paragraph break. Same thing for
unicode-bidi:isolate-override, since that is specified as "combines the
isolation behavior of isolate with the directional override behavior of

I now realize, however, that the spec does not make it 100% clear for
isolate-override whether it "combines" the isolate on the outside of the
override or vice-versa. Obviously, the intent is to isolate on the outside of
the override, but this should be specified explicitly.

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