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[Bug 17621] New: Can "height" automatically occupy the remaining space of parent DOM? (Thursday, 28 June)

[Bug 17614] New: align-vertical:middle issue (Wednesday, 27 June)

[Bug 17589] New: Editorial: "Publication as a W3C Recommendation does not imply endorsement by the W3C Membership." !? (Monday, 25 June)

[Bug 17569] New: Remove the obsolete note regarding XMLSTYLE (Friday, 22 June)

[Bug 17559] New: Clarify what elapsedTime should return when animation-delay is specified (Wednesday, 20 June)

[Bug 17550] New: Interaction of timing functions specified in a keyframe with properties defined in other keyframes (Wednesday, 20 June)

[Bug 17152] Support centering an element when scrolling into view. (Tuesday, 19 June)

[Bug 17548] New: spec says min-width/height:auto is "To provide a more reasonable default minimum size for flex containers" -- it means items, not containers (Tuesday, 19 June)

[Bug 17537] New: shouldn't be a CSSStyleDeclaration (Monday, 18 June)

[Bug 17527] New: Grammatical error in insertRule definition (Sunday, 17 June)

[Bug 17526] New: MediaList.mediaText isn't sorted in implementations (Sunday, 17 June)

[Bug 17523] New: Specification should define behavior when immutable values are changed (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17522] New: pixelDepth and colorDepth do not mean the same thing. (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17521] New: Revise of background-attachment: fixed and transforms? (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17520] New: CSS Object Model does not specify how to handle multiple rules on insertRule (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17519] New: No constructors for individual rule types specified in CSSRules (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17518] New: Presence of white-space after serialization of CSS values is unspecified (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17514] New: URI token should be agnostic to escaping the characters u, r, l (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17513] New: Unclear how width of absolutely positioned table is determined (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17512] New: Erratum: Add comment to clarify simple_selector production (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17511] New: Add comment to clarify simple_selector production in G.1 (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17510] New: Trivial editorial flaws - bulk bug report (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17509] New: Include sign in NUMBER, PERCENTAGE, and DIMENSION tokens (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17506] New: Incorrect syntax for 'font-family' (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17505] New: Wider set of properties should apply to table wrapper box instead of table box (Saturday, 16 June)

[Bug 17501] New: 'inherit' should not match the '<font-family>' type (Friday, 15 June)

[Bug 17500] New: background-opacity (Friday, 15 June)

[Bug 17475] New: (Tuesday, 12 June)

[Bug 16391] regionLayoutUpdate needs to be async (Monday, 11 June)

[Bug 17442] New: Tab order within a reordered flexbox? (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 17441] New: Painting order of reordered flex items? (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16913] flex section needs examples (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16756] Rename flex-order to box-order (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16754] Baseline of flexbox items (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16753] Baseline of a flexbox (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16752] Rename the 'display' value for Flexbox (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16751] Rename the alignment properties (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16007] align values: start/end vs. before/after (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16856] consider using division for negative flexibility (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 16755] Swap the ordering of flex-pack and auto margins (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 17433] New: Term 'accumulated 3D transformation matrix' misleading (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 17431] New: Rendering order and CSC (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 17239] Better naming than "HTML namespace" (editorial) (Thursday, 7 June)

[Bug 17017] "unmatrix" code for 2D transforms incorrect (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17016] How to apply non-scaling-stroke on 3D transforms of ancestor elements (resolved) (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17019] Need to describe how SVG by- and to- animations of transform work (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17239] Better naming than "HTML namespace" (editorial) (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17239] Better naming than "HTML namespace" (editorial) (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17238] 'The Transform Rendering Model' normative? (editorial) (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17237] 'Module interactions' needs more information (editorial) (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17017] "unmatrix" code for 2D transforms incorrect (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17016] How to apply non-scaling-stroke on 3D transforms of ancestor elements (resolved) (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 16377] Define handling of singular 3D transforms (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 15937] Clarify that units in the matrices are CSS pixels (editorial) (Wednesday, 6 June)

[Bug 17301] New: a "transitioncancel" event to listen for when a transition is removed before completion (Sunday, 3 June)

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