Re: [csswg-drafts] [cssom-view] Let offsetWidth / offsetHeight report actual size? (#4541)

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# | dholbert  TabAtkins, RE unioning vs. "first layout box" - note that Chrome does  seem to union for a scenario of an inline element that's fragmented via  explicit breaks: | 10:04:30 PDT
# | TabAtkins dholbert: Yeah, that's all still within one layout box. | 10:06:28 PDT
# | TabAtkins (we were throwing around "fragment" casually, but the spec doesn't say fragment, it's about layout boxes) | 10:06:43 PDT
# | dholbert hmm, Issue 1:"The terms CSS layout box and SVG layout box are not currently defined by CSS or SVG." :D | 10:08:21 PDT
# | dholbert maybe that's part of the problem | 10:08:41 PDT
# | TabAtkins lol | 10:09:24 PDT
# | fantasai "fragment" is a CSS3 term, CSS2 just called them boxes... | 10:09:26 PDT
# | TabAtkins  yeah, css2 mixed "box" and "fragment". But if we read CSSOM-View  literally, as referring to boxes, then that a-with-breaks is one box,  and the a-with-div is three sibling boxes.

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