Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-3] Note unclear in bidi & line boxes (#5759)

OK, running through your edits (thanks for the bold):

* s/line box/bidi paragraph/ and s/line box/paragraph/ - this is incorrect. The sides are determined by the directionality of the line box, not the bidi paragraph. A perfect example is the second part of your illustration: the bidi paragraph (fed to the UBA) is LTR, but the alignment is determined as for RTL. Where is RTL coming from? We're calling that the line box’s direction, to distinguish from the bidi and container directions.
* s/is distinct/can be distinct/ - We can either go with “can differ” or “is distinct” here. “can be distinct” is a bit indeterminate: are they or are they not two different things?
* insert “if the paragraph contains no strong directional characters” - I'd prefer to keep the details of what conditions trigger this to the next paragraph, since they are very particular, and leave this paragraph as describing the higher-level concepts
* s/does not affect/also affects/ - invalidated by above point about paragraph vs line box direction
* remaining edits - The UBA always applies. Always. Rule P2 is only applied in the case of `plaintext`, but the UBA overall always applies.

I think the only edit I can take is “is distinct” -> “can differ”. Lmk if you want that one, and/or if things are still confusing. :)

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