[csswg-drafts] [css-text-3] Note unclear in bidi & line boxes (#5759)

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== [css-text-3] Note unclear in bidi & line boxes ==
8.3. Bidirectionality and Line Boxes

Note between eg 31 & eg 32

> Note: The inline base direction determined here applies to the line box itself, and not to its contents. It affects text-align-all, text-align-last, text-indent, and hanging-punctuation, i.e. the position and alignment of its contents with respect to its edges. It does not affect the formatting or ordering of its content. 

Sorry if i'm being slow, but the meaning here is not immediately apparent to me.  Surely the inline base direction does affect the ordering of the content, as demonstrated by the position of the exclamation mark in eg. 32?

What am i missing?

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