Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] font-variant-numeric: diagonal-fractions, in most fonts, doesn't work with semantic markup (#5756)

I'm assuming Ben's comment covers "what OpenType features are present".

I'd like the normative wording, possibly including both CSS and OpenType changes, to wind up being clear
1. For each font-variant value, what glyph spans it makes sense for authors to apply the value to (e.g. don't try `<span class="fraction">4,321/2,345</span>` either), and
2. That Ubuntu Mono and similar fonts are out of compliance, which might encourage UAs to disable the feature for a special-cased list of fonts. 

Does that make sense? Basically, ensure that authors can use the `font-variant-*` properties without investigating the detailed behavior of every font in their fallback list including the user-configured generic families.

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