Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline] Leading control at start/end of block (#3240)

Hey all. I'd like to expand on what I was getting at above with a few more examples: 


In two of the cases (Example 2 and 4), it's very useful to be able to trim at the x-height, as this is how some designers align text labels in buttons. In Example 1, it's also handy to balance the cap trim by stopping at the descender instead of trimming up to the baseline.

So to restate: If the objective is to achieve optically balanced padding around text, we would need to vary the amount of trim according to the type of content. Different capitalizations will require trimming at various typographic metrics other than the baseline or cap-height. In the provided example the x-height and the descender length also appear to be useful trim targets.

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