Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-shapes-2] WIP: Add a draw() shape syntax, which accepts shape-segments equivalent to (#5711)

Won't make the call to discuss, but this LGTM too. I think a straight drop-in replacement for the existing SVG syntax is a good idea. For that reason I also agree with keeping logical coordinates well away is a good idea, at least or now. I'm also not sure about "corner" - given you can replace `corner top right` with `move to 100% 0`, I don't think it adds anything. Maybe it was more useful when logical coordinates were an option; I'd consider dropping it until they're readded.

Otherwise, great! It's definitely better than string concatenation :-)

(oh, a quick addendum re. one of your earlier comments - arcs are not directly replaceable with beziers, as they are treated differently when used with SVG markers: a 270° arc with end markers has just the two, but drawing the same curve with beziers would result in more. So the concept needs to remain in the grammar. Yes the syntax is awkward, but it's well established, and using `small|large` and `cw|ccw` will certainly help)

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