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== [css-variables] normalization of custom property names ==
> This was originally discussed by email, and we are moving the discussion to GH. See https://www.w3.org/Mail/flatten/index?subject=I18N-ISSUE-352&list=www-style
> Raised by: Addison Phillips
> Opened on: 2014-05-29


Section 2 says in part:

> Unlike other CSS properties, custom property names are case-sensitive.
> EXAMPLE. While both --foo and --FOO are valid, they are distinct properties - using var(--foo) will refer to the first one, while using var(--FOO) will refer to the second. 

Case sensitivity is not the only variation that can apply to text. While citing the case sensitivity is useful, should mention be made of other variations, such as Unicode Normalization? I believe that the actual restriction is that the text must be identical.

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