[csswg-drafts] [mediaqueries-5] Remove or expand inverted-colors (#3858)

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== [mediaqueries-5] Remove or expand inverted-colors ==
Splitting out from #3807.

inverted-colors proposal

@media (inverted-colors: none | inverted)

Supported in Safari; it's not clear whether "inverted" means all-pixels inversion, or color-inversion only, or what?

Important to distinguish these, as what authors do in response can vary based on which inversion is performed. (The `img { filter: invert(100%); }` rule in the spec's example, for instance, is only useful for all-pixel inversion; it would be *harmful* for a colors-only inversion.)

So, we either need to *specify* what kind of inversion is allowed to be performed, or add more values capturing the distinctions among the types.

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