Re: [csswg-drafts] [cssom-1] Replace steps of set a CSS declaration with some constraints

> Feel free to merge this, probably after #2922 lands as well.

I think we should have that landed first.

> So what's the current behaviour? How interoperable are they?

Current behavior is to always update existing declaration with the same property name. I believe at least Blink and Gecko both do this, likely WebKit as well. Edge may have some other idea.

Blink (and probably WebKit as well) doesn't trigger mutation observer if the value and flag aren't changed, while Gecko did. That caused performance issue for us and thus we fixed that in 62 or 63.

> What would it take to converge behaviour in some other way to what we previously resolved in #1898?

I don't think we are going to use the algorithm we previously resolved in #1898 because that has webcompat issue.

We may eventually converge to some algorithm, but it's probably not going to happen very soon, as a conformant algorithm without webcompat issue is going to be somewhat complicated, and getting everyone agree on every details could take quite a bit of time.

Also there are other stuff currently in my mind that we should probably add to this constraints which may make things more complicated...

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Received on Thursday, 19 July 2018 11:32:01 UTC