Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] A single leading white-space should prevent word breaking honoring white-space: pre-wrap

> I'm asking confirmation of my understanding of current spec, indeed.

Thank you, this totally makes sense then. I should have asked that first, apologies.

> I understand from that that wrapping, when enabled, should be one of the first steps. Then, in the white-space processing phase

I understood where your idea comes from. Please have a look at [Appendix A: Text Processing Order of Operations]( White space processing is split into part I and part II because we want to process before and after line breaking (the spec above calls it 'text wrapping'.) So the order is opposite, run White space processing part I, then line breaking.

Does the Appendix A clarified your question?

Off topic but I was wondering if the spec defines break opportunities on leading spaces in `pre-wrap`, and the part you quoted answered to my question, thank you so much about it.

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