[csswg-drafts] [css-properties-values-api-1] What is the computed value of a <transform-list> in the middle of a layout dependent matrix decomposed interpolation?

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== [css-properties-values-api-1] What is the computed value of a <transform-list> in the middle of a layout dependent matrix decomposed interpolation? ==
_From @alancutter on July 6, 2017 5:4_

The [`<transform-list>` syntax](https://drafts.css-houdini.org/css-properties-values-api/#supported-syntax-strings) enables custom properties to animate like the `transform` property.
One quirk of `transform` is that the [serialisation procedure](https://drafts.csswg.org/css-transforms-1/#serialization-of-the-computed-value) requires layout information in order to turn percentages of the element's box dimensions into a matrix.

Unfortunately this procedure requires layout information to turn an animation between `translateX(100%)` and `rotate(45deg)` into a single matrix. There is currently no way of representing such a value in CSS independent of what the layout is. You would need something like `blend(translateX(100%), rotate(45deg), 0.5)`.

Here's a more concrete example:
<!DOCTYPE html>
#target {
  /* Animation is paused at halfway. */
  animation: x 1s -0.5s linear paused;
  --y: var(--x);
@keyframes x {
  from { --x: translateX(100%); }
  to { --x: rotate(45deg); }

<div id="target"></div>

  name: '--x',
  syntax: '<transform-list>',
  initialValue: 'none',

// What should the computed value of --y be?

Should the serialisation of the computed value of `<transform-list>` custom properties be the same as `transform` and depend on layout computations?
Should this layout computation dependency "infect" other custom properties that reference it via `var()`?
What happens when we try to serialise a `<transform-list>` custom property inside a layout worklet in the middle of layout computation?

I don't think depending on layout computation is a good idea here.
I recommend using `<transform-list-2> := <transform-list> | blend(<transform-list-2>, <transform-list-2>, <number>)` instead (but with a better name) and to serialise it as the original transform functions instead of as a matrix that incorporates layout computations.

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