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== [css-values] Trigonometric functions ==
I keep stumbling on use cases that need trigonometric functions to be solved, and I always have to resort to JS for them, which is a pain. Basically almost any time you need to match two things and angles are involved.

Sadly I couldn't find most of my use cases, but here are two: 

- https://codepen.io/leaverou/pen/JpyZMO - cos, atan
- [play.csssecrets.io/folded-corner-realistic](http://play.csssecrets.io/folded-corner-realistic) — sqrt, sin, cos

Also the following use sqrt, which can be addressed with trigonometry too, in the general case:

- [play.csssecrets.io/inner-rounding](http://play.csssecrets.io/inner-rounding)
- [play.csssecrets.io/diamond-images](http://play.csssecrets.io/diamond-images)
- [play.csssecrets.io/bevel-corners](http://play.csssecrets.io/bevel-corners)
- [play.csssecrets.io/folded-corner](http://play.csssecrets.io/folded-corner)

(credits: @MeFoDy for collecting these from my book)

What do you think? Can we make it happen?

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