Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline] Consistent vertical positioning of large and medium-sized text across OSs

> allow authors to set the length from the top of box to the baseline

If that would solve the issue I describe then yes that would be a good option.

A detail: Let's say I work on a website/webapp on Mac OS. There's a large word on the page, and the spacing and layout is set just right for the visual text position. Now I want to ensure that the text stays in that same y-position no matter on which platform. I'd set the new property - but to which value? I'd have to measure the length from the top of box to the baseline on Mac OS before I could set it for all OSs.

That measuring would be tedious eg if there are several web fonts.

Instead I need a non-numerical value that ensures that the position of the text (of the glyphs) are always the same on all OSs. The workflow would then be simpler: Right away after setting up the webfont I'd set eg "position-of-glyphs: same-on-all-platforms". Then I'd set my spacing and layout based on that reliable text position. Then when I test the page/site/webapp on other OSs there'd be no issue regarding the position of the text / of the glyphs - the glyph position would be same in all browsers, on all OSs, and on all devices == there would be no mismatch with the spacing of my layout.

What do you think? @kojiishi @FremyCompany @fantasai @litherum @dbaron

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