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== [cssom-view][css-overflow][css-scrollsnap] Missing terminology ==
In https://wicg.github.io/spatial-navigation, I've found myself wanting to refer to a scroll-able thing that isn't already scrolled to the maximum. (and in my case, I only cared about manually scrollable things, not things that can be scolled only by script, like `overflow:hidden`)

For now, I've rolled my own definition (see below), but this should be in a css spec somewhere. Maybe this is CSSOM-View. Maybe there should be a new CSS spec that deals with the general processing model for scrolling, to which various bits of CSSOM-View and CSS-scrollsnap could refer to (and/or be moved to).

> An element <var>e</var> <dfn lt="can be manually scrolled | can be scrolled manually | cannot be scrolled manually | cannot be manually scrolled">can be manually scrolled</dfn> in a given direction <var>d</var> if:
> * The <a>principal box</a> established by <var>e</var> is a <a>scroll container</a>, and
> * if <var>d</var> is <code>up</code> or <code>down</code>, the computed value of the 'overflow-y' property is not ''overflow/hidden'', and
> * if <var>d</var> is <code>left</code> or <code>right</code>, the computed value of the 'overflow-x' property is not ''overflow/hidden'', and
> * <var>e</var> is not at the <a href="https://wicg.github.io/overscroll-behavior/#scroll-boundary">scroll boundary</a> in the direction <var>d</var>
> * <var>e</var> is not snapped to the last ''mandatory'' snap point in direction <var>d</var>

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