Re: [csswg-drafts] [cssom-view] New feature - scroll-boundary-behavior (an extension of -ms-scroll-chaining)

I think there's some good points here. But I would like to note that `overflow: none` is logical (there's no overflow), while `scroll-boundary: none` would mean that there's no scroll boundary which to me is illogical and inconsistent with `scroll-boundary-behavior: none` which is logical to me but maybe just because I've been looking at this for months now. Similarly for `scroll-behavior: none`.

Another example: `display: none` is logical while `display-behavior: none` is confusing. I think for that reason it's not that same as adding `-behavior` to existing properties. Is that argument convincing?

I do somewhat like `scroll-overflow` but I think `scroll-boundary-behavior` is more describe. I agree that a short memorable name can be preferable however.

I think a better place to discuss this would be under a new issue in the repo:

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