Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid] Resolving 'fr' flexible lengths during intrinsic sizing of grid items

> Here, both tracks have base size of 50px, the the free space is 150 - 50 - 50 = 50. And two tracks divide this 50px 1 to 2. But that is not what is happening. Instead, the final track size is 50px and 100px in all browsers.

Indeed; this appears to be a terminology mixup. Locally in that section, "free space" is correctly defined as subtracting out only the non-flexible tracks, but the "free space" term in the grid algorithm, as you point out, has a different meaning of subtracting out *all* the base sizes. We've changed the term from "free space" to "leftover space" to be more consistent with the terminology in the Track Sizing Algorithm section.

> Note that is quite different from what Edge does but we could update our implementation for interop.

It would be interesting to know what, exactly, those differences are.

> One more part that is not entirely clear is determining the size of container.

As far as I can tell, Chrome's Grid behavior is correct per spec right now, but implementations haven't yet caught up with the corresponding section in Flexbox.  (We recently made some edits to this, and ended up reverting them; #1735 has the details.)


Let us know if there's anything left to do on this issue. (And again, we'd be interested to know about Edge's behavior for `fr`s in Grid.)

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