Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values] clarify that most (all?) high-dpi devices anchor on pixel, rather than physical, unit

> Wrt the PR here (which, btw, fails to edit css-values-3),

oh, does that mean this PR targetted the wrong branch or file? should i resubmit the PR targetting the right one (which one?)

> it seems to categorize print media with unusual viewing distances into the physical-anchor category, whereas before they were grouped with the pixel-anchor category.

@fantasai as the second part of that section even in the original didn't explicitly say "print", it didn't occur to me here that it even covered "print media with unusual viewing distances" (and i struggle to think of such a device to be honest). But thinking about it now I'd say that once it's print, shouldn't it still be anchored to physical size regardless of what viewing distance the end result is then intended to be viewed at (since the author would presumably account for this, and do so by specifying sizes again with an expectation of them being anchored on actual physical sizes).  Also, to make a simplistic analogy, how would a UA/printer know if something's intended to be viewed at a "usual" or "unusual" distance?

in short, it was not my intention of redefining the anchoring of "print media with unusual viewing distances" when I made the PR, as it was not clear to me that this text implicitly covered it. but i'd say print should always be anchored on physical units regardless

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