Re: [csswg-drafts] Please define how the various box tree fixups interact

> The code comments suggesting that the computed-value fixups from ruby and grid have to happen in a particular order don't make me very confident in this claim, unfortunately. It's possible those comments are wrong, of course.

Those are in two different categories - ruby fixup (I presume you mean wrapping naked ruby-internal display types) is #2, while Grid blockification is #1. I agree that, previously, it wasn't completely clear that the two categories were strictly divided as they are; that's why we had to add text to Flexbox for it (because we actually discussed it and made an ordering choice, which luckily accorded with the most reasonable-in-hindsight ordering).

> Really? What happens when I have a ruby-text-container parent and a table-cell child? Which anonymous box fixups apply and in what order and why?

ruby-text-container inlinifies its contents - that's a #1 fixup of computed values.  This happens before table-cell tries to wrap itself in anonymous boxes (and in fact prevents that from happening, because it turns into an inline).

> That's ... not what the ruby draft I linked above says, just to be clear. It explicitly says that ruby-triggered inlinization happens after anonymous box generation for tables, and that it affects computed display values.

Yup. :(  The Ruby draft text is old and predates Display, Grid, and other things that made the ordering much clearer.  It needs to be updated. (#1341 on ruby inlinification covers this issue.)

> Yes, that would be the sane thing. The specs explicitly say that's not how it works, at the moment.

Yeah, just the Ruby spec afaik. #1341

> My specific suggestion is to make this stuff very explicit: if anonymous box fixups happen after all computed style fixups, they should clearly say so (and neither one say the opposite).

Afaict, this is precisely what <> says (which is normative) - it gives a precise ordering to things, with computed-values happening before box-generation (and anonymous box generation specifically). Anything missing from there?

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