Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-rhythm-1] Avoiding accidental double spacing

I'd like to propose that `line-height-step` is effective only when `line-height` is _not_ `normal`. The motivation is to respond to the feedback 1 below.

1. There was a feedback that different browsers/platforms/fonts to use different steps is the biggest problem we must solve.
2. The problem 1 above applies only when `line-height` is `normal`. Discussions so far has discovered that when `line-height` is not `normal`, the used line height is interoperably consistent across browsers/platforms/fonts.
3. There are multiple proposals on this issue, two from @frivoal in this thread, one from @dbaron above, and another from @fantasai not baked well yet. I admit I don't fully understand @frivoal's yet (sorry) but given the `line-height: normal` is designed to make used line height dependent on fonts, we can come up with a heuristics to mitigate but can never solve the problem 1.
4. Given the primary target of the feature is East Asians, fallback is highly possible. When system fallback happens, the used steps will vary by installed fonts. It'd be not easy to mitigate this case.
5. If in the future we changed our mind and wanted to apply `line-height-step` to `line-height: normal`, we could add a keyword, like the one in @frivoal's proposal.

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Received on Monday, 1 May 2017 15:07:13 UTC