Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid] Regarding the 'subgrid' feature

> [...] that doesn't mean subgrid is ready to be enshrined with CR 
status. Unlike the rest of the Grid spec, which is now implemented 
(for the most part) in two major browsers, the spec for subgrid has 
not been battle-tested like that and it's better for everyone if it 
remains in draft status, as I argued in the OP.
> Subgrid is both an important feature (we should try hard to get it 
right) and also a rather complex feature (it's unlikely that we'll get
 it right before starting to actually implement it). I see no benefits
 at all to freezing the feature in its current form before we have 
actual implementation feedback.

CR does not mean frozen and will not change regardless of 
implementation feedback. As @fantasai said,  it means “we can't do 
anything more to improve this feature without implementation, and 
don't expect any changes unless they come from implementation 
feedback, so please try to implement it”.

So when you say that it needs implementation feedback to make it 
better, this does not contradict the fact that this is in CR, it 
reinforces it. I completely agree that subgrid is nowhere near ready 
to **exit** CR, unlike the rest of the spec which is getting there, 
but that's why it is marked at risk.

Assuming, which seems likely, that the implementations of the rest of 
the spec reach sufficient quality to exit CR and move onto REC while 
subgrid remains unimplemented (or incompletely so), it will probably 
be pushed to the next level. But until then, what CR does seem the 
right level, and I don't see what harm it does being at that level.

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Received on Friday, 3 February 2017 06:13:07 UTC