Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid] Regarding the 'subgrid' feature

> The feedback on Subgrid from implementers (specifically, from 
Igalia) was what prompted the restriction you are objecting to.

Right, I'm well aware of that.  My impression though, is that their 
conclusions were **not** based on actually trying to implement it.

I think you need to separate "an implementer gives feedback based on 
his/her opinion" vs "an implementer wrote code that tried to implement
 what the spec says and ran into unforeseen problems".  The latter 
category is of course what should count as "evidence based on 
implementation experience".  The former is of course valuable, but the
 latter must be taken much more seriously.

> Again, we did the best we could processing feedback on subgrid...

Yes, and I appreciate that.  But that doesn't mean subgrid is ready to
 be enshrined with CR status.  Unlike the rest of the Grid spec, which
 is now implemented (for the most part) in two major browsers, the 
spec for subgrid has not been battle-tested like that and it's better 
for everyone if it remains in draft status, as I argued in the OP.

Subgrid is both an important feature (we should try hard to get it 
right) and also a rather complex feature (it's unlikely that we'll get
 it right before starting to actually implement it).  I see no 
benefits at all to freezing the feature in its current form before we 
have actual implementation feedback.

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Received on Friday, 3 February 2017 03:36:54 UTC