[csswg-drafts] [css-transforms-2] `scale` property behavior differs from `scale()` function

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== [css-transforms-2] `scale` property behavior differs from `scale()` function ==
This is basically just re-opening issue #856 but without the focus being interop.

> `transform: scale(2)`

Is equivalent to `transform: scale(2, 2)`, i.e. scaling both x/y.

> `scale: 2`

is equivalent to `transform: scale(2, 1)`, i.e. scaling x only.

That seems inconsistent and surprising. I've yet to meet anyone who expects that `scale: 2` scales in only x.

I understand that `scale` can be used for 3D transforms, but `scale3d()` requires three arguments so I don't think there's any parallel between the arguments used there and here.

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