Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid] axis names

I'm not sure row/column terminology is that useless for Grid, really. Many of the Grid CSS properties uses these concepts (grid-template-{columns, rows}, grid-auto-{rows, columns}, grid-auto-flow: [row | column],  ...) 

Additionally, row and column axis are terms specific to the grid container, while grid items may have orthogonal inline/block axis. This is specially useful when implementing the alignment logic defined in the CSS Box Alignment specification.
> align-self Axis  The grid’s column axis (block axis). 

Note that align-self is a grid item's property, but it operates along the **column axis**, which certainly is the block axis, but not respecting the grid item's flow direction, but grid container's one.

Even more, all this concepts are specially important when implementing Baseline Alignment, which
in the case of grid it can operate along both axis, aligning the items between themselves in both

In summary, I don't see such a problem on having this grid specific terminology. It may be redundant
in some cases, but it helps to understand the behavior of grid in some other cases, probably the most
complex ones. I think it's quite similar to what Flexbox's cross and main axis provide, actually.

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Received on Friday, 28 April 2017 14:43:15 UTC