[csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4] font-feature-settings don’t cascade

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== [css-fonts-4] font-feature-settings don’t cascade ==
Currently, font-feature-settings cancel each other out, making it 
impossible to apply them with abstract logic.

For example, say I want to achieve the following:
- Every `div` uses stylistic set 1.
- Every `p` uses stylistic set 2.
- Every `p` inside a `div` uses both stylistic sets 1 and 2.

Currently, this requires some repetition:

`div { font-feature-settings: "ss01";}`
`p { font-feature-settings: "ss02";}`
`div p { font-feature-settings: "ss01", "ss02";}`

Ideally – keeping in the cascading spirit of CSS – 
font-feature-settings could be inherited and combined, avoiding 
redundancy while allowing more logical abstraction. Like so:

`div { font-feature-settings: "ss01";}`
`p { font-feature-settings: "ss02";}`

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