[csswg-drafts] [css-align][css-flexbox] Should `align-self` and `flex` (& its subproperties) be honored on table wrapper box?

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== [css-align][css-flexbox] Should `align-self` and `flex` (& its 
subproperties) be honored on table wrapper box? ==
Load https://jsfiddle.net/vhomvqor/2/ in Firefox, Edge, or Chrome.  
This testcase has a flex container, with a `display:table` child 
inside of it.  That child has `flex:1` and `align-self:flex-end`.

For some reason, Chrome / Edge / Firefox all interoperably honor 
`align-self` but *do not* honor `flex:1` on the child.

I'm curious if we're all somehow correct (I think we're probably not),
 or whether we need to make this consistent &  get it specced.

**Technically**, I think ignoring these properties is the most 
spec-compliant thing to do, since the flex item here is really the 
`table wrapper box`, and the `table wrapper box` isn't author-stylable
 & only honors a strict whitelist of properties that it takes from its
 `table box` (and all other properties should be at their initial 
values), as described in CSS2 section 17.4: 

But **subjectively**, I think the spirit/intent of that table 
spec-text is something like: "if a property is meant to be used by an 
element's container, it should be used on the `table wrapper box`."  
(Maybe I'm interpreting it too broadly, but that seems like a 
reasonable behavior.)  If this interpretation is correct, then both 
`align-self` and `flex` would fit the bill...

Perhaps the flexbox spec (and css-align spec) should include some 
normative text that broadens the list of a table's properties that are
 used on the table-wrapper-box?

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