Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-page][css-box model][css-logical-props][css-break] margin-inside / margin-outside

So this isn't quite as straightforward as things that depend on 
writing modes, since it is possible for whether you're treating 
something as being on a left or right page changes which page it's on.

For example, if you have an element with <code>overflow:hidden</code> 
(or some other element that establishes a BFC, like with 
 display:flow-root)</code>) that is next to a float, then different 
combinations of margins that are changed as a function of whether the 
element is on a left or right page could control whether the element 
can fit next to the float or is pushed down below the float.

I think in these cases you'd need to specify that any such cycles are 
broken by pushing the element to the later page.

> The question is not screen vs paper, it is paginated vs not 
paginated. It is not the majority case, on-screen and paginated does 

However, there are paginated displays that don't have a obvious 
inside/outside pages, e.g., if you're paginating on a screen.  You can
 simulate it by just assuming the first page is a right page (or left 
page), but you might or might not want to.

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