Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-3] break spaces

Thanks for the update, that part looks good, except one possible nit I
 put as an inline comment. Please check.

> If you agree, great. If you don't (and there's no other issue left),
 can we get this merged, and open a separate issue to discuss this 

I feel sorry for taking long on this small PR but I prefer to split it
 out to another PR, discuss and resolve before the merge. I suspect 
our code reviewers will ask for a spec change if someone tries to 
contribute to Blink, so I'd like not to take that long path.

* We need to check whether white spaces collapses or not on every 
page, so adding this condition will add slight cost for the additional
 _if_ statement on every page on every user. It is a very hot code 
path we try hard to optimize, and I don't think this property is worth
 the cost for everyone.
* This property is only effective when `white-space` allows wrapping. 
`break-space` being only effective when `white-space` does not 
collapse looks more consistent to me. There are other such example, 
such as `text-orientation`, which is only effective in vertical flow. 
That way, we pay the cost to check the property only in vertical flow.
* I understand how you feel it more intuitive, but from another 
perspective, it's unintuitive to break consecutive white spaces when 
there are no such white spaces. I feel more intuitive for authors to 
create consecutive white spaces first before s/he allows them to 

This PR looks good to me if this part was separated.

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