Re: [csswg-drafts] Proposal: Add wrapper pseudo element

Some important comments from the related [www-style 


> It's definitely not impossible! … New pseudos that wrap "real" 
elements in
some way are... not popular among implementors. The idea for ::wrap
goes back well over a decade, and the complexity it adds to the
platform versus the benefit you get, when compared to just adding
wrapper elements in your HTML, has meant that implementors have never
bitten at the idea.


> You’d need to convince Hixie et al., though.

> [Why isn’t there a grouping-type element for description lists to 
represent individual name-value groups (e.g., a “dli” element)? It 
would make styling as well as adding microdata to individual groups 
> [HTML should group <dt>s and <dd>s together in 
> This FAQ says:
>> This is a styling problem and should be fixed in CSS. There's no 
reason to add a grouping element to HTML, as the semantics are already


> So virtual containers are far more than just a way to group DT/DD 
elements, instead they would be a _powerful layout mechanism_ 
absolutely unachievable with current HTML and CSS.

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