Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-align][css-grid] Inconsistence on Baseline Alignment terminology for orthogonal flows

> Does this resolution imply that we should use such synthesized 
baseline to align those orthogonal items along the grid's row-axis ?

Yes, that's the intent.

Though now I'm realizing this doesn't play nice with a mix of first 
and last baseline items with opposing writing modes! Given vertical-lr
 items with both first and last baseline alignment, and vertical-rl 
items with both first and last baseline alignment, to which set do the
 horizontal-tb items align? @_@ It doesn't have a concept of "first" 
or "last" in that axis. I suppose we can borrow the writing mode of 
the item's container (i.e. the grid).

But does that mean we should do that for all writing modes, kindof 
like we use the parent's writing mode to determine start/end already? 
(Note, opposing writing modes are an extremely rare case. Orthogonal 
ones are more common. Though I wouldn't put it past some designer to 
put opposing vertical writing modes together in a horizontal-script 

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