Re: [csswg-drafts] [mediaqueries-4] Change when any-* evaluate to 'none'

True, keyboard on desktop would be the fly in the ointment (unless UAs
 were using some heuristics - similar to what Firefox does with 
regards to `::moz-focusring` where it only considers keyboard if the 
user interacted with the page at least once using, say, 
TAB/SHIFT+TAB). Incidentally, authors *should* already be considering 
the desktop/keyboard use case anyway for accessibility reasons 

Related musing: perhaps the features should be more tightly 
limited/defined to only apply to "pointer inputs" per se - similar to 
what happens with Pointer Events (I originally argued, but then 
conceded, that keyboard should also be a `pointerType` back before PE 
Level 1 went to TR).

As for the reductio ad absurdum case, it doesn't seem too absurd to me
 - if the user does add an input that doesn't hover and doesn't have a
 traditional pointer, then yes I would expect the query (if it were 
modified as per this PR) to then return true for `(any-pointer: none)`
 and `(any-hover: none)`, as that would be the truthful answer to the 
question "are there any inputs now present which don't have a pointer 
and aren't hover capable?"

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