Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-align] Add shorthands for alignment properties

Yeah, as I said above, there's both the ambiguity of something like:
`place-content: end stretch end`
which could mean:
`align-content: end stretch`
`justify-content: end`
`align-content: end`
`justify-content: stretch end`

and the ambiguity about if the value is a single value or not:
`place-content: end stretch`
could mean (as a single value):
`align-content: end stretch`
`justify-content: end stretch`
or (as two values)
`align-content: end`
`justify-content: stretch`

(and there are many variations of those ambiguities of course...)

So, my preference is to use `/` as the separator because it can 
represent all
values unambiguously.  If you choose space, then I would recommend 
the value set to single-keyword[1] values only.  That is,
`place-content: end stretch`
`align-content: end`
`justify-content: stretch`
(fallback value and `<overflow-position>` can't be specified using the

Doing something more advanced (parsing eagerly) would be hard to grok 
for humans
and parsers alike. :-)

[1] in this context, `last baseline` counts as one keyword though

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Received on Tuesday, 1 November 2016 16:49:40 UTC