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== [css-transitions][css-animations] Complex timing functions ==
In light of the Webkit team's implementation of `spring()`, it's 
apparent we need to attend to [the issue of complex timing 
 sooner rather than later.

# The problem
Designers often need more advanced timing functions than can be 
described with cubic-beziers. They are not limited to spring 
functions, either. A common problem is there is no effective way to 
export a timing graph from Adobe After Effects to a timing function 
that could be used with CSS or with the Web Animations API. Currently 
designers have to hack together individual timing functions using CSS 
animation keyframes, which is impossible to do by hand in all but the 
most trifling instances.

`spring()` is just a bandaid.

# The solution
We need a format to write functions like `spring()` in, one that we 
can export to from software like AfterEffects and prototyping tools 
that have yet to be built.

I am not in a position to propose the technical specifications of this
 solution. But there are people who have that knowledge. I have 
invited them (@visiblecode) to share their proposals below.

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