Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui-4][user-select] value is used value?

> And Gecko doesn't implement -moz-user-select nor unprefixed, unless 
I'm mistaken in my test, correct?

Gecko does implement `-moz-user-select`, with the values `auto`, 
`text`, `none`, and `all` (also `-moz-none`, but since FF21, that does
 the same as `none`). It used to implement partial inheritance via 
`auto` with one exception: don't inherit into abspos. But as far as I 
can tell, the latest version no longer has that exception, making 
"inheritance via auto" and actual inheritance effectively the same. 
The behavior of `-webkit-user-select` is, as far as I can tell after a
 few minutes of poking at it, the same as the behavior of 

By the way, I am basing my conclusions not on doing various queries 
via the OM, as I don't fully trust the OM to accurately reflect what 
the browser's internals are. Instead, I am checking the actual 
behavior. Your test uses getComputedStyle(), and in this case it seems
 indeed not to match reality.

On top of inconsistencies across browsers, this sort of wackyness is 
also why my spec isn't a 100% match of existing implementations. 
Instead I tried to preserve the useful observable behavior. 

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Received on Monday, 8 August 2016 10:17:12 UTC