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On Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 9:44 PM Tom Jones <>

> This is now officially nutz.  How do I get out of this?
> Be the change you want to see in the world ..tom
> On Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 7:49 PM Owen Ambur <> wrote:
>> Not that this group needs more evidence of the problem but here's some
>> <>
>> that is pretty clear.
>> From my perspective, it appears those who disbelieve the existence of the Deep
>> State <> are engaging in artificial
>> ignorance
>> <> in
>> service to The Politics Industry
>> <>.
>> There is nothing mysterious or particularly nefarious about it.  People who
>> believe that more, bigger, centralized government is the solution to every
>> problem naturally will strive to create more of it.  If that's what they
>> truly believe, who can blame them?  Certainly not others who share their
>> point of view.
>> Given that dynamic, relevant questions include:
>>    1. how "deep" the State will become,
>>    2. how much the Fourth Estate
>>    <> may continue to
>>    collaborate in further deepening it,
>>    3. whether the Fifth Estate
>>    <> will play a reinforcing
>>    or counterbalancing role,
>>    4. at what point the "free world" virtually ceases to exist (and
>>    whether, at that point, anyone will care) and
>>    5. what, if anything, this group may care to try to do about
>>    revealing the personal values and political motivations that influence not
>>    only perceptions of truth but also and particularly what is considered to
>>    be *worthy* of attention.
>> With respect to the fourth point, both extremes on the political spectrum
>> seem to fear the other will take us there but it is hard for me to see how
>> that can be the case when one side wants *less* government.  How does
>> that lead to totalitarianism?  I have yet to see any evidence that recent
>> immigrants from totalitarian countries fear that outcome from the
>> less-government side of the equation.  I've seen multiple reports from
>> those who fear we're heading for what they left.
>> See also some of the values espoused by George Orwell
>> <>.
>> A related issue is that the lesson to be taken from Afghanistan, Syria,
>> NoKo, Russia, and China seems to be that brutality wins.  The choice
>> between freedom and life isn't much of a choice for most people and those
>> most likely to impose that choice are those who believe they know what's
>> best for everyone else.  Which side is arguing those who disagree with them
>> have no right to make a living, much less be left in peace to live their
>> lives as they see fit?
>> BTW, for those who value stories, here's a short one:
>> During a ride on the DC subway in 2016, that National Archives and
>> Records Administration's chief counsel told me that, although he was a
>> strong Democrat, he could not vote for Hillary Clinton because of her
>> E-mail server issue.  Both he and I knew that she had willfully violated
>> the Federal Records Act but the news media helped to obfuscate that fact,
>> in order to minimize an October Surprise
>> <>
>> adversely impacting their anointed candidate.
>> In any event, our "democratic" political system had delivered two
>> candidates for which neither one of us could vote.  If anyone believes such
>> a system is the best we can do, that's a pretty sad state of affairs.
>> I believe we can do better ... albeit not if we continue to engage in
>> artificial ignorance.
>> I look forward to learning what this group might be willing and able to
>> do about that.
>> Owen

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