Re: More Contrarianism

> On 3 Sep 2021, at 23:48, Owen Ambur <> wrote:
> Now I know why the CredWebCG listserv has been silent lately: My E-mail service continues to believe messages from it are spam.  I just discovered that again late last night.  Not sure how it got that idea.  Certainly not from me. Pretty ironic that I must check my spam folder to find messages relating to credibility.
> Now you know why I've been so quiet.  Here's another current story that seems quite newsworthy to me: <>
> One of the "signals" I'd like to see is open disclosure of reporters' political leanings or, at least, how they rate on Haidt's moral matrix <>, from which their political biases might reasonably be inferred.  
I’ve written here - <> about a framework that attempts to tie all of these together - information disorders, trust, and moral values.


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