CredWeb Plans, meeting tomorrow

Hey folks,

It's a new year, and we've had some quiet weeks.  I'm trying to settle 
on some next steps for the group. Here's what I'm thinking:

1. Let's not try to update the report right now. Let's just convert it 
to a "final report", to make it properly archival, with a clear note 
that it was written in 2018. Maybe a short name like "Credibility Tech 
2018 <>". If there's sufficient 
interest in a revision or new reports that are more focused later, 
that's fine, but I don't think it's the best use of group time right now.

2. Instead of Credibility Signals <> 
trying to include everything about signals while also highlighting the 
good stuff, let's split it into three different resources:

* *Credibility APIs*, a technical guide for how computers should talk to 
other computers to exchange credibility data. Included data formats, 
protocols, RESTful APIs, browser APIs, etc. Not a spec for any of these, 
but an overview of options that are specified elsewhere. I'm thinking we 
can publish a small draft and start to gather input.

* A *Credibility Data Exchange*, a website for exploring all the signal 
definitions and signal instance data people are willing to make public, 
with clear attribution back to the sources and no endorsement from us. 
I've made a few prototypes over the years (like but none I was happy with, yet. Maybe this 
should just be my thing, not the group's; that's topic for discussion. 
(It might help if someone wanted to fund this.)

* *Endorsed Credibility Signals*.  This would be a relatively small 
document, describing 5-20 signals where we have consensus within the 
group that they are pretty good. I'd expect it to change over time with 
new data. The RDF schema for these signals would be published on 
It would intentionally be kept small enough to be manageable, unlike the 
Exchange as past "Signals" drafts. I think some of the NewsQ highlight 
signals <> are good 
options here, and there are also some that are doable by hand (like 

So, agenda for tomorrow is to talk about this plan, and if there's time, 
talk about the actual signals we might be ready to endorse.

If you can't make it to the meeting and have thoughts on all this, email 
could be helpful.

Meeting, as usual: 21 January 2020 1pm ET 
<>,, agenda/record 

      -- Sandro

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