Re: CredWeb, NewsQ, USG Data & MetaFact

hi owen,
unfortunately this newsQ event isn't open but we're hoping for an
opportunity later in the year.   re: description of the project, i would
say the credco one is always going to be a little out of date given the
ability to update that database, but perhaps this is an opportunity to
have two StratML formats (the first is self-reported, the second is
third-party collected, does that make sense?)

thanks also for the metafact flag!


On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 1:33 PM Owen Ambur <> wrote:

> In light of the cancellation of the CredWeb CG meeting tomorrow, I now
> plan to listen in on the Data Coalition's session on the U.S. federal
> government's data strategy action plan.  If anyone else may wish to do so,
> the contact and registration info is available at
> The content of the action plan is available in StratML format at
>  Several of the
> planned actions are closely related to the quality and credibility of
> information.  In a sense, all of them are.  From my perspective, the last
> one, Action 20
> <>,
> holds the greatest potential. It seems to me to be the key to Action 3
> <>,
> Maturity.  See also the reference to "immaturity" at
> Is the NewsQ event open and will it be available online?  NewsQ's about
> statement is available in StratML format at
>  However, I see the Credibility
> Coalition also has a description of the project, including descriptions of
> related projects, at
> I see that it includes a project named MetaFact.  Coincidentally, I just
> learned
> <>
> of another one by the same name, whose about statement is now available in
> StratML format at
> Owen
> On 1/6/2020 8:55 AM, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> I'm cancelling tomorrow's CredWeb meeting, as people seem to have a lot of
> conflicting priorities this week.
> Next week there's no meeting due to a conflict with a NewsQ event.
> So we'll next meet Jan 21.
> I hope you all are having a relatively pleasant and productive new year.
>       -- Sandro

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