Reminder: IPTC discussion

Meeting as usual tomorrow, with presentation from Brendan about what 
they're doing at IPTC. Guests welcome.

      -- Sandro


*Last week* we talked about ClaimReview, with a presentation from Chris 
Guess (group member and lead technologist at Duke Reporters Lab). See 
and a video is available on request. ClaimReview continues to see wide 
adoption as a way for fact checkers to make their results available to 
platforms and other applications, and various improvements are in the 
works. There’s now a high-level website about it, at <>

*This past long weekend* a few of us attended WikiCredCon 
<>, a credibility-focused 
instance of the North American Wiki Conference.

I was fascinated to see more behind the scenes of the Wikipedia world 
and was surprised how much difficult work is necessary to keep Wikipedia 
running. Perhaps most daunting from a credibility perspective is how 
hard it is to combat the sock puppets / bots. Many parallel tracks, so 
each of us could only see a small slice of the conference. Most sessions 
had extensive note-taking and even video recording, thanks to sponsors. 
Not all the video is online yet, and currently session notes are at the 
“etherpad” links from the session detail pages; I imagine those might 
move soon.

*This week (tomorrow)*, group member Brendan Quinn (Managing Director of 
IPTC <> – the global standards body of the 
news media) will present and lead a discussion about their current work 
with credibility data interoperability. See you there!

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