Anti-Disinformation Community of Practice

About us statements are now available in StratML format for the following:

    Reporters' Lab -

    ClaimReview Project -

    ClaimsKG -

    International Fact-Checking Network -

    AMITT Framework - -

    Journalism Trust Indicators Project -

    AlterNet -

    EU Versus Disinformation Campaign -

    Centre for Research on Globalization, whose mission
    it to report and analyze issues which are barely covered by the
    mainstream media ... in an era of media disinformation -

    Fakes Radar - (Apparently
    abandoned in favor of

    CredWeb CG -

As time permits and I become aware of them, I will continue documenting 
the plans of additional members of the anti-disinformation community of 
practice (AD CoP).  If you have candidates for such treatment, please 
let me know.

Theoretically, disinformation can be defeated by openness and 
collaboration but it remains to be seen how open the AD CoP is to 
collaborating more efficiently and effectively (than, say, good, 
old-fashioned W3C CG business as usual).  Sharing plans and performance 
reports in open, standard, machine-readable format seems like a logical 
way to initiate a collaborative continuous community performance 
improvement effort.

If the CredWeb CG decides to build upon its previous report 
<>, I look forward to 
learning the degree to which openness, community, and collaboration 
might be reflected as values 
<> to be supported 
by the group's objectives.

At least it would be good to have an easy way to keep track of the plans 
and progress of each of the organizational stakeholders identified in 
the report ... and share such information more widely and effectively 
than via PPT and tele-video conferences. While it may be nice to have an 
API for claim review data, wouldn't it be great to have something 
similar for performance reports?  Might that not be a very good, if not 
the best way to elevate credibility, including that of the AD CoP itself?


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