Re: Youtube channel for CCG archives?

Let’s do it! Strong support! Lmk if you need help

On Sun, Mar 19, 2023 at 1:35 PM Manu Sporny <>

> Hey folks,
> We added video recordings to the calls a while ago. Since then, we've
> been stockpiling those videos. We have around 80GB of video content at
> this point and we'll have to make a decision soon to keep the old
> video content around, delete it, or move it to a more long-term
> storage area.
> Given that these videos are public (and always have been), I was
> wondering if anyone would object to uploading these videos to YouTube?
> The advantage there is auto-transcription into multiple languages,
> better accessibility via closed captioning, archival backup, and other
> things of that nature. The downside being, it's a proprietary service
> that could go away at some point (and we wouldn't have any other
> backups). Storage is cheap, so we could probably just double our
> storage limits on the CCG server and get another 2 years of runway for
> a fairly insignificant cost.
> So, would there be objections to uploading all meeting video to
> YouTube on a weekly basis (including our backlog) to a "Credentials CG
> Channel"? Any other ideas on what to do with all of this video content
> we've produced as a community?
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