[MINUTES] W3C CCG Traceability Call - 2023-03-14

Thanks to Our Robot Overlords and Mahmoud Alkhraishi for scribing this week!

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Verifiable Traceability Task Force Transcript for 2023-03-14

  1. PRs
  Orie Steele, Mike Prorock, Mahmoud Alkhraishi
  Our Robot Overlords and Mahmoud Alkhraishi
  Mahmoud Alkhraishi, Benjamin Collins, Chris Abernethy, Russell 
  Hofvendahl, TallTed // Ted Thibodeau (he/him) (OpenLinkSw.com), 
  Orie Steele, Ted Thibodeau

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi is scribing.
Benjamin Collins:  IPR Note, starting with trace vocab

Topic: PRs

Benjamin Collins: 
Russe: 708 improves ag parcel delivery, where there were some 
  improvements to shipping stop, mostly descriptions and @ids
Orie Steele:  When checking links to new ids, you should check 
  that the terms resolve, if it doesn't resolve it is an error.
Russel: will update itemShipped.
Benjamin Collins:  Can we merge offline when links are updated.
Benjamin Collins:  Nis isn't here, so reviewing description, it 
  updates undefined terms for gs1 credential
<tallted> link?
  ... adds context to credential object.
Benjamin Collins: 
Orie Steele:  Requested this from Nis, it reduces undefined terms 
  to 0.
Benjamin Collins: 
Benjamin Collins:  PR 710, updates CTPAT,  flattens the schema 
  based on feedback.
Benjamin Collins:  Two more identifiers we want to add that are 
  missing, can we merge when they are added offline?
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Two identifiers are fair to update
Ted Thibodeau:  Requested some changes may have more.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Lets hold off then until all CRs are in
Russel: there appears to be two terms that are external that are 
  not defined. What do i do if i cant find a term that seems 
  appropriate that i cannot find on schema.org?
Benjamin Collins:  Suggestion is leave it as an undefined term 
  and create an issue to tackle it.
Orie Steele:  Remove the @id and then create an issue to track 
  the undefined term
Russel: this issue affects many schema's wouldn't want to create 
  a big catch all issue for all schemas? should i define using the 
  term that is closest?
Benjamin Collins:  Suggestion is we should leave it empty then 
  come back to it.
Benjamin Collins:  Moving to trace interop PRs
Benjamin Collins:  PRs that are draft for a while is that a stale 
  PR might need a lot more work.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Ping mike on the issue, to try and prompt 
  some progress.
Benjamin Collins: 
Benjamin Collins:  Moving to PR 523, from Chris. 
Benjamin Collins:  Looks like it was signed off by everyone, 
  merging 523
Benjamin Collins: 
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Simple PR that removes trace context as a 
  requirement on presentations
Orie Steele:  I agree entirely from the conformance tests. 
Benjamin Collins:  3 Approvasl merging
Russel: PR fixes 481, which we resolved to remove the 
  verifications object entirely, so this PR removes that and adds 
  additionalProperties true
Benjamin Collins:  Merging
<tallted> is this 
  https://github.com/w3c-ccg/traceability-interop/pull/535 ?
Benjamin Collins: 
Benjamin Collins:  Concludes trace interop PRs, lets process 
  vocab issues
Mahmoud for PR 708 on vocab what was resolution?
Russel: will fix out of band and merge in after creating an 
Russel: sort by least recently updated
Benjamin Collins: 
Ted Thibodeau: 
Benjamin Collins:  Do we want to make ID marked as required in 
  all our credentials?
  ... suggestion is yes
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  This should not break anyone's 
  implementations because the id requirement does not break it.
Benjamin Collins:  Marking it as ready-for-pr
Benjamin Collins: 
Benjamin Collins:  How can we make hts codes referenceable? do we 
  just ping Nis for updates?
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Looks like resolution was an action item to 
  Nis, suggest we ping him.
Benjamin Collins: 
Benjamin Collins:  Ran into HTS codes while doing personal 
  movement of items.
Benjamin Collins:  Moving to #351, we should expect to see links 
  to credentials, and they exist so closing issue.\
Ted Thibodeau: 
Benjamin Collins: 
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  My main issue was I needed guidance on 
  knowning when to use which, Nis provided it and it is now 
  available. please mark as ready for PR
Benjamin Collins:  Issue 313, we should switch respec doc to v0.1
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Just assign it to me and ill do it offline
Benjamin Collins: 
Orie Steele:  This issue is a distraction from the effort going 
  to VCJWT v2.0, we currently support VCJWT v1.1. JWS test suite is 
  no longer standards track.
Benjamin Collins: 
Benjamin Collins:  We have a bunch of images at the top of the 
  document, suggestion is we move them inline so they are closer to 
  the documents we actually define in the credential. this is still 
  an update to our script that needs to take place. 
Benjamin Collins: 
Benjamin Collins: 
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Assign the issue to me, will update with 
  ready for PR label or outline if it is blocked.
Benjamin Collins: 
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Issue 399 is generally useful, happy to 
  close and revisit when we have a published first release
Benjamin Collins:  Issue 529, updates Json preprocessor to 
  support oneOf, only point we used this was person or 
  organization, and we aligned to use organization, do we still 
  have this requiremetn?
Ted Thibodeau:  This is a handwave, there was a reason to use 
  oneOf, tooling did not exist, but because we couldn't handle it.
Benjamin Collins:  We worked around the tooling with the data 
Ted Thibodeau:  If there is a scenario where the correct usage is 
  oneOf, and I don't think the situation has changed.
Ted Thibodeau:  I think if we make a clear enough note at the end 
  and we would not need to dedicate much call time.
Benjamin Collins: 
Benjamin Collins:  We should just ask the question, is this still 
  relevant, are there any requirements?
Benjamin Collins:  Issue 607, clearly define revocation vs 
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Would love answers to the questions Ben just 
  noted on the issue.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Will publish the minutes

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